Reanne and Andy – Forest Chapel

It hadn’t rained in about 3 months. A couple of weeks prior to their wedding, Reanne contacted me to say the long range forecast was for rain and did I think they should move their ceremony location. I tried to assure her that the long range forecasts were rarely accurate and what was the chance that the drought would break on their wedding day. She said she would buy some clear umbrellas just in case.

2 weeks later, as forecast, the drought broke. It really broke. It poured with rain from before sunrise until well after sunset. Bec from Kurtzy’s flowers was setting up the arbour from the reception and said the venue was handling the rain quite well.

Reanne and Andy are troopers and decided to run with the outdoor ceremony anyway as they felt the Forest Chapel was worth the risk, and just to tell their guests to bring umbrellas too.

(Side note – I’ve shot at the Forest Chapel a few times, and it’s not only stunning, but also really functional location for an outdoor ceremony. The canopy of leaves provide a little protection from light rain but also from the sun. The aisle is gravel so it stays quite dry underfoot and also drains quickly if you get rain in the lead up to your wedding. There is a lot of parking, and great spots for family photos and portraits on the property and nearby.)

So we get to the Forest Chapel for the ceremony and it’s raining. All of the guests are huddled together under umbrellas and it was one of the best vibes I have ever experienced at a wedding. Think of the love you normally feel from the family and friends at a wedding, then throw in the fact that they’re all huddled up and cuddling each other and you start to get the idea.

This set the tone for the whole wedding. The reception was at Gracelands and they were amazing. The food was great, the drinks were cold and the dancefloor absolutely pumped!

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